twenty years of age

I'm just a girl who likes to create,
capture moments,
and connect words to thoughts & feelings.

feel free to peruse as you please!

*what I’m currently up to*

As of October 1st, I will be living out in Huntington Beach, CA! I am going to be involved with Circuit Riders for seven months. I will be getting extensive training for the second half of the program which is missions! There I will get trained to share the gospel and live a lifestyle of Jesus along with doing media. So I will be working on real projects leading up to the second half of the program. The second half is when we get sent out in teams across the U.S. doing something called “Carry The Love” and I will be doing media on tour. It’s our lifestyle to plan evangelism outreaches, ministry nights, and wild training experiences to hundreds of schools around the nation. We will be trained, and be sent out to Carry The Love on colleges, universities, and high schools. We believe that as we catalyze the college campuses of America it will lead to the beginning of another wave of student volunteer missions.